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Wuzheng&Feidi products composing a concerto of naming Maixiang launched in CCTV

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Recently, directed by Gu Jing, with Fu Jing, and Zhang He as the starring, the TV series "Maixiang" (also known as Love in Lishui) is being broadcasted in CCTV at peak time 20:00. The clue tells the inspirational life of "the most beautiful military spouse", Mai Xiang (Performed by Fu Jing. Regardless of the fame and fortune, she is devoted into achieving common prosperity by taking the folks as the cor, and Wuzheng &Feidi products perform key tools during the course. Whatever difficulties and dangers, she honored her role as a military spouse.

Since it premiere on CCTV on May 18th, "Maixiang" has aroused the attention of all walks of life, and the ratings have been soaring as the No.1 compared with other series broadcast at the same time. Its playback volume on Tencent only is close to 100 millions.